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What is a Casino Bonus?

A Casino Bonus is a form of bonus money for GG Network's Casino that can be converted to Cash. It can be used in any Casino game, except for a few games. Once a player meets the Redemption Point Goal (Wagering Requirement) of a certain Casino Bonus Package, the entire Package will be converted to Cash.


The Redemption Point Goal (Wagering Requirement) is different for every package.

*  Casino bonuses are not generally awarded as a bonus for gameplay or deposit. For our very own reward program, please find the Fish Buffet page on the right-hand side in the game client.


How to acquire Casino Bonus

Casino Bonus Packages can be acquired through rewards, giveaways, or as promotion prizes. Upon activating a Casino Bonus Package, the Casino Bonus will be available for betting. More than one Casino Bonus can be acquired, but they cannot be activated simultaneously.


How to use Casino Bonus

Click on the Me icon, then select Casino Bonus under My Promo to open your Casino Bonus


Play Casino Games


Click “ON” next to the Casino Bonus

you want to activate


Click on the Casino Bonus Icon
in game to view your Casino Bonus Info


Under My Promo click Casino Bonus

to open your Casino Bonus

Bonus to Cash Ratio

All Casino Bonus Packages include a Bonus to Cash Ratio.
For example, if a player has a Casino Bonus Package with a Casino Bonus to Cash ratio of 8:2 and makes a $10 bet, $8 of Casino Bonus and $2 of Cash will be used.

In a scenario where the player wins $20, they will acquire $16 of Casino Bonuses and $4 of Cash.

How to Earn Redemption Points

Players can earn Redemption Points through betting with Casino Bonus at the games marked with Casino Bonus Button.

Players can check their Redemption Points status at the Casino Bonus pop-up when they click on the 'Casino Bonus' button.


The points depend on the RTP (Return to Player) of each game.
Refer to the table below for points :


How to Convert
Casino Bonus to Cash

All Casino Bonus Packages include a Redemption Point Goal.
Upon reaching the Redemption Point Goal, the entire remaining
balance of the Casino Bonus will be converted to Cash.

  • Max Casino Bonus Bet Amount: Max Amount of Casino Bonus Package that can be used for the total bet in one round. If the "Max Casino Bonus Bet Amount" is under $1 or ¥10, the minimum bet for the "Max Casino Bonus Bet Amount" is set to $1 or ¥10.

  • Max Redeemable Amount: Maximum cash amount that can be earned when the Casino Bonus Package is redeemed (when Redemption Point Goal is achieved)

General Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions

1.1. All customer offers are limited to one per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, same payment account number (e.g., debit or credit card, NETeller, etc), IP, or shared computer, e.g., public library or workplace.


1.2.1. We reserve the right not to pay players using disposable email addresses.

1.2.2. Players from certain countries are not eligible for any promotional offer unless stated otherwise in the promotion rules.


1.3. Please note that different games contribute to a different percentage of the wagering requirements. 


1.4. Bonus funds and winnings will be forfeited upon the expiry of the bonus.


1.5. Only one bonus can be claimed at a time. Deposit-related bonuses cannot be "stacked." Our management reserves the right to void any bonuses and/or winnings obtained by fraudulent behavior. Any "free spin" or "bonus" winnings resulting from bonus funds after the bonus has been wagered, lost, or forfeited shall be removed.


1.6. All withdrawals will be subject to an internal audit before processing. We reserve all rights to void bonuses or any winnings for failed audits. The player hereby consents in advance to the same.


1.7. If, upon such a review, it appears that a player(s) is taking advantage of any software, system bug/failure, or participating in any form of activity deemed to be abusive ('Promotion Abuse'), we reserve the right to revoke the entitlement of such a player to receive or benefit from the promotion (or withhold the payout of the proceeds of such abuse to the player(s) in question). Only fully settled bets (i.e., bets that result in a win or loss) will be counted towards wagering.


1.8. Multiple accounts are not permitted. Creating more than one account to claim any bonuses is deemed bonus abuse and may result in confiscated funds.


1.9. Minimal-risk bets on any games (i.e., betting in proportions on different outcomes in the same hand to create "action" with minimal risk) do not qualify for completing the wagering requirement. Examples of minimal-risk bets include betting on red and black simultaneously in Roulette and betting on player and banker simultaneously in Baccarat.


1.10. Suppose it's discovered that a group of players use the same betting patterns and are connected via (but not limited to) location, banking pattern, or IP. In that case, our management will, at its discretion, have the mandate to confiscate bonus winnings and/or deposits.


1.11. All times and dates regarding the bonuses and promotions are stated in UTC.


1.12. In the event of any dispute, our decision will be final.


1.13. Please note that expired/canceled bonuses and free spins can not be reinstated.


1.14. Casino bonus can be redeemed only when Redemption Points Goal is achieved. However, Casino bonus will be redeemed only up to the Max Redeemable Amount.

1.15. All Casino Bonus Packages include a Cash to Bonus Ratio, and cash is proportionally used with Casino bonuses.
However, casino bonuses can only be used up to the Max Casino Bonus Bet Amount when betting.

1.16. If the win amount is between 90% and 100% of the bet amount, redemption points will not be accumulated. (Slots excluded.)

1.17. The Terms and Conditions published on the Website (updated from time to time) are in English, and the English version of these Terms and Conditions form the basis of these Terms and Conditions only. Translations into other languages may be made as a service and are made in good faith. However, in the event of differences between the English version and a translation, the English version has priority over any translation.

1.18. Casino bonuses can only be activated within specific categories. (e.g. if the casino bonus is set for slots, redemption points can only be accumulated through playing slots.)

  • If there is a Package with the Available Category of Slots, Live Casino, or Casino, all three can be activated at the same time.

  • When activating a Package whose Available Category is “All”, all other previously activated Packages are deactivated.

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